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@ll you need is FOOCH.

FOOCH is a Smart Meal in a drink that was developed by nutritionists and biologists.

Calories: 500 g
Carbohydrate: 42.9 g
Fat: 22.2 g
Protein: 32.4 g

* Total daily values are based on a 2.000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Specifications subject to change without notice.

A stressful lifestyle can mean that we often end up neglecting one of the most important things in our lives: balanced nutrition.

Healthy food is what fuels your mind and body!

Only if you take the right kind of fuel on board will you able to deliver the performance to achieve all your daily targets with your family, job or sports.

FOOCH is made up of the best ingredients nature has to offer. It is is quick to prepare, gluten-free, lactose-free, organic and -besides coconut- even nut-free. This means anyone can tolerate FOOCH, guaranteed.

Do you want the best out of life? Then give your body the best it can get too!

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FOOCH Blog - recent posts.

How does FOOCH taste like?

A major concern for us, particularly also with regard to a very well tolerated drinkable meal, was to create a finely tuned natural taste. How does FOOCH taste like? FOOCH provides

Is a coconut a nut, fruit or seed?

Coconut is one of the healthy ingredients used in the FOOCH recipe. But did you know that a coconut isn't a nut? Botanically speaking, a coconut is a fibrous one-seeded drupe.

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FOOCH ingredients: Red Banana

Have you ever tasted a red banana? Bananas are the world’s most consumed fruit which is an extraordinarily fascinating fact. But did you know that the “banana tree” is not actually

Wintertime: Running in the cold

It’s getting dark very early now during this time of the year. (at least in Europe) Temperature is low, mother nature lost her colours and it’s raining more than necessary. You don’t care

FOOCH ingredients: Swiss Alp Herbs

The Swiss Alps are a mystical place. Some of the highest mountains in Europe belong to the Swiss Alps. The nature is rough, native and from incredible beauty. Almost impassable


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How does FOOCH taste like? - #FOOCH #Swiss #alps #oat #vanilla #coconut #fruit #healthy #plantbased #Zurich #Schweiz
20 January 2017
FOOCH is the only drinkable meal which consists of healthy Swiss alp herbs and flowers. Read more:…
19 January 2017
Did you know that a #coconut isn’t a nut? Read more: #FOOCH #nut #drupe #seed…
16 January 2017
#wintertime #FOOCH #superfood #drinkablemeal #nutrition #plantbased #organic #vegan #glutenfree #healthyeating…
11 January 2017
Have you ever tasted a Red Banana? - #FOOCH #redbanana #banana #foochingredients…
04 January 2017
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays // Frohe Weihnachten
24 December 2016
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19 December 2016
A new day, a new week! Wishing you all a #GoodMorning and a #HappyMonday!
19 December 2016
Do you want the best out of life? Then give your body the best it can get too! #FOOCH -…
19 December 2016
5 Brain Hacks to Boost Your Motivation
16 December 2016

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